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PD/GWSS Referendum Slated for Spring

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

California winegrape growers will vote this spring on extending the PD/GWSS Assessment for another five years, to March 2026.

The assessment funds research to find solutions to PD, GWSS, and additional designated pests and diseases of winegrapes. The last time growers voted, over 80 percent favored continuing the winegrape assessment.

To establish the list of eligible grower voters, CDFA will request all wineries and winegrape processors to submit the names, mailing addresses, and assessment values of all producers who paid the assessment on grapes crushed during the 2019 harvest. Every entity that produced winegrapes in 2019 will receive a ballot in March or April 2020.

Growers who operate multiple entities will receive a separate ballot for each entity. Each ballot should be voted and returned. At least 40 percent of eligible growers must cast ballots for the referendum to be valid.

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