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Pierce’s Disease – A Decade of Progress

Are your association’s members wondering what is happening on the Pierce’s Disease (PD) or the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) front? How about where research is headed and what tools are being developed that they can use against PD/GWSS in the future?

If you would like, we can arrange to have Bob Wynn, the Statewide Coordinator of the CDFA Pierce’s Disease Control Program, Beth Stone-Smith, USDA APHIS PPQ GWSS Program Director and/or Nancy Irelan, CDFA PD/GWSS Board Research Director speak to your group and answer any questions about any of the current programs or research directed against PD/GWSS.

During a presentation growers can hear about any or all of the following:

How the CDFA’s PD Control Program has kept the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter (GWSS) from spreading across California

How USDA’s Area Wide Control Program keeps GWSS from spreading and their numbers low in infested areas

How the latest PD/GWSS Board directed research is shedding light on ways to overcome the threat of PD in California’s vineyards and when they will be available to growers.

We can tailor the presentation to focus on particular programs or to just about any length of time available. If you are interested please contact Ken Freeze at 925 370-977.

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