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PD/GWSS Board Designates Spotted Lanternfly as a Pest of Winegrapes

Photo credit: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

The Pierce's Disease and Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter (PD/GWSS) Board officially added the spotted laternfly (SLF) to its list of designated pests and diseases, making it eligible for research and outreach funding. "The best quarantine efforts happen at the points of origin. By showing that this is a pest we don't want in California, we have a better chance of getting cooperation and action to control its spread," said Roger Spencer, Pierce's Disease Control Program acting statewide coordinator. The spotted lanternfly is a significant threat to agriculture, including grapes.

The SLF, a native to Asia, was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014. It is spreading rapidly and the PD/GWSS Board has been closely following the situation. The pest is primarily known to feed on the tree-of-heaven, but has a wide host range including grapes. It is considered a high risk pest due to its mobility, with eggs and adults easily transported long distances by normal trade and transportation activities, making it a concern for grape growers nationwide. Learn more about the spotted laternfly.

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