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PD Control Program Update

Santa Clara County:

After no GWSS finds since 2010, the GWSS infestation in the Meridian area of San Jose was declared eradicated in December 2012. This is the 16th incipient GWSS infestation that has been eradicated since the start of the PDCP.

The Capitol area of San Jose had a GWSS find inside the infested area in November 2012. The find was on a trap that was thought to be missing, and the specimen appeared to have been on the trap for a while. More delimitation traps were placed around the find and no additional GWSS have been found.

San Luis Obispo County:

No GWSS were found in the San Luis Obispo infested area in 2012. The last GWSS find in this area was in August 2011. This infestation will be eligible to be declared eradicated after October 31, 2013, if no additional GWSS are found.

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