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New Field Trials Planted in Northern California

On the first of August, new field trial plantings with vines using rootstocks modified with two different methods that give vines resistance to Pierce’s disease (PD) went into an isolated field trial research vineyard in Northern California.

A graphic showing how the modified vines work.

This builds on work that discovered five different genes that could impart resistance to PD into winegrapes. Initial field trials tested each method individually. Now they are stacking the different methods in combinations of two.

The field trials are being planted in common commercial plant and row spacing, with trellising, to see how the vines perform under standard vineyard conditions and the effect on yield.

During the field trials, the vines will periodically be inoculated with Xylella fastidiosa, the bacterium that causes PD.

The field trials are expected to last three to four years.

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