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International Symposium on the European Outbreak of <em>Xylella Fastidiosa</em> in Olive

The Institute of Plant Virology (CNR, Bari), the Department of Soil, Plant and Food Science of the University of Bari, the Research Center “Basile Caramia” (CRSFA) of Locorotondo, Bari, and the National and Regional Plant Health Services are pleased to announce the “International Symposium on the European outbreak of Xylella Fastidiosa in Olive”, to be held in Gallipoli (October 21-22, 2014), and followed by technical laboratory workshops at the CRSFA, Locorotondo (October 23-24, 2014).Gallipoli is located in the area where the main outbreak of Xylella fastidiosa was first reported in October 2013. The Symposium will offer a detailed overview of this emerging threat and provide a great opportunity for exchanging information with the main international experts on this topic. The conference includes plenary sessions on different X. fastidiosa-related aspects, a field tour, a session on the legislative measures of prevention, containment and eradication, and three post-conference workshops to address practical methodologies and techniques for detection and monitoring the bacterium and its vectors.The scientific program will cover the following topics: ■ THE QUICK DECLINE SYNDROME OF OLIVE ■ EPIDEMIOLOGY, ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT of X. fastidiosa-RELATED DISEASES ■ OCCURENCE OF Xylella fastidiosa IN APULIA AND ITS IMPLICATIONS ■ CURRENT ACTIONS FOR CONTAINMENTfor more info email d.boscia@ba.ivv.cnr.it

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