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Inspectors Find Viable GWSS Eggs in Nursery Shipments

Glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) eggs were found at a retail nursery in Napa County, then more eggs were found in nursery shipments in three other Northern California counties.

Nursery shipments arriving in Northern California from GWSS-infested Southern California are routinely inspected for GWSS.

“While it’s unfortunate that these shipments made their way into Northern California, the good news is that our system did work, and it highlights the importance of remaining vigilant on every level to prevent the spread of GWSS,” said Stacie Oswalt of the CDFA Pierce’s Disease Control Program.

The egg masses were all found on crape myrtle plants shipped from the same plant broker in San Diego County. An investigation is underway, and the nursery involved may face administrative civil penalties, including fines and suspension.

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