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Call for Reports for the Proceedings of the 2013 PD Research Symposium

The 2013 Pierce’s Disease Research Symposium will be held December 16-18, 2013, in Sacramento, California. As in prior years, the CDFA PD Control Program (PDCP) is preparing a publication (“Proceedings”) that will consist of progress reports for research projects being conducted on Pierce’s disease and/or its vectors, especially the glassy-winged sharpshooter. The PDCP is planning on posting the Proceedings on the CDFA Pierce’s Disease Control Program’s website at least one week before the PD Symposium, and may provide printed copies at the PD Symposium.

Researchers funded by the CDFA PD/GWSS Board should submit reports for the Proceedings on their funded projects. Researchers funded from other sources are invited to submit reports or abstracts on their projects as well. Please submit your reports by October 17, 2013. This deadline will enable us to meet our production schedule for the Proceedings. Reports should be submitted via e-mail to pdsymposium@cdfa.ca.gov as an attachment in Microsoft Word. If possible, please also provide a PDF file of the same report to indicate the intended formatting and content of the MS Word file.

Questions about the reports or the PD Symposium can be emailed to pdsymposium@cdfa.ca.gov, or you can call the CDFA PD Control Program at 916-900-5024.

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