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2017 Update on GWSS Infestations

Fresno County 

In 2017 the CDFA’s PD Control Program continued to work closely with Fresno County to control urban and rural residential GWSS populations. During 2017, GWSS were found in areas of Fowler, Kerman, Reedley and Selma. By year end about 5,700 properties were treated in and around these areas, as well as in other known infested areas of the county.

Madera County

In 2017, between July and September, there were eight GWSS found in the Rolling Hills area of Madera County. Plans are being made to treat around the find properties in this area in the spring of 2018.

Tulare County

In 2017, a significant number of GWSS were found in Exeter, a previously non-infested area in the county. GWSS have also been found in the existing Visalia infested area. In response, 1,780 properties were treated, mostly in the Exeter and Visalia areas.

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