Gaming Club Casino

Powered by Microgaming software, Gaming Club is an exquisite online casino with a very long history, that has been available online since 1994, and has become one of the most popular gambling venues in the whole world. It comes with a very familiar yet easy to use interface where you can access all the important things, like the games, your account, tournaments, bank or the latest news.

Gaming Club Review:

Gaming Club accepts payments from all over the world, so anyone with an interest in online gambling can participate to this. On top of that, you can also draw money from the casino’s bank very fast, which also makes it very attractive to all customers. (See restrictions below)

The fact that you can play these awesome betting games on your mobile phone as well is also quite attractive for potential players, as they can easily access the games while they are on a tablet computer, or they are checking their mail on their phone.

But a casino wouldn’t be anything without its games. Gaming Club is aware of that and offers a large array of premium games that you can play in any order you want, without any problem. You can also choose to play with virtual credits or with real ones.

The game experience I got while playing the games in Gaming Club is also a premium one. The graphics are amazing, the games work as they are supposed to, and the overall special effects immerse you even further into the game. You’ll feel just like in a normal casino, although you are sitting in front of your computer or playing on your tablet.

Playing multiple games at the same time is also recommended, because the casino application uses the tabbed model. I personally found this a very good idea, since it enables you to browse through any open game a lot easier.

In addition to that, the software works very well, I didn’t encounter any glitches and I was actually really excited to see if it worked on older computers. Not only it does work on older computers, but it doesn’t require a very strong Internet connection, being playable on dial-up as well.

A feature that caught my attention is the banking option for mobile players. With this feature, players that use a mobile device are provided with a very simple way of choosing special payment methods, some of which are only available for them.

Gaming Club is licensed and legitimate, and has been used for two decades now by millions of players, most of which are ongoing customers to the service.

I found Gaming Club to provide some of the best Microgaming powered online betting experiences out there, and you will surely be amazed by the variety of games, as well as their fast speed when it comes to real money cash outs. So if you want a good online casino, Gaming Club is surely the one that you must visit.

Gaming Club’s games are played online, meaning, they are available practically all over the world. Some countries in the world have not yet addressed the legality of online Internet gaming, whilst other countries have gone as far as making Internet gaming illegal.