• PD Legislation Introduced

    Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro (D-Arcata) has introduced AB 1642, legislation to re-authorize the Pierce’s Disease Control Program (PDCP), the PD/GWSS Board, PD/GWSS winegrape assessment and the PD Advisory Task Force. The bill is being sponsored by the California Association of Winegrape Growers, the Family Winemakers of California and the Wine Institute.

    If AB 1642 is passed this year, a referendum would be held in 2015 to let California’s winegrape growers decide if they want the PD/GWSS assessment and the PD/GWSS Board to continue for another five years. The assessment is used to fund research and other activities related to PD/GWSS and may, when certain conditions are met, be used for research and outreach on other pests and diseases that threaten California winegrapes.

    PD/GWSS Assessment Rate History
    Per $1,000 of Value of Harvested Winegrapes

    2001 – $3.00      2008 – $1.00
    2002 – $2.00      2009 – $1.00
    2003 – $2.00      2010 – $.75
    2004 – $2.00      2011 – $.75
    2005 – $2.00      2012 – $1.00
    2006 – $2.00      2013 – $.75
    2007 – $1.50

  • New Board Members in 2014

    At the January PD/GWSS Board meeting, the board welcomed two new  members, John Crossland, former Chair of the California Association of Winegrape Growers and president of Vineyard Professional Services, and Steve Smit, vice president of Vineyards and Grape Management at Constellation Brands.

    Crossland will represent producers and central coast growers, while Smit will represent producer-processors and the central valley area. Congratulations to these new members of the board!